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Mayrikneri Akumb

The TV program provides comprehensive information both to young and experienced mothers in a cheerful and positive environment. We help mothers to get orientated in issues of children’s care and upbringing, introduce amateur approaches preferred in the capital and provinces.
The stages of pregnancy, the first year of a baby’s life and the further development are presented. The program includes videos on the given topics, organizes meetings with young mothers, during which the corresponding specialists show peculiarities connected with childcare with the example of the children, who are in the club at the moment.
The TV series also centers on children of preschool and school age, referring to issues connected with their health and upbringing. Together with experts such issues are discussed as teacher-pupil relations, formation of a friendly atmosphere and dealing with problems.
Wherever several mothers meet one another, they start exchanging their experience through discussions. Especially for them “Mothers’ Club” program has created a small corner, where every time women choose a topic and discuss it in a warm atmosphere.
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