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Henc Ayspes El Aprum Enq

One cannot help falling in love with Yerevan after spending at least one hour in the city. Hrant Tokhatyan has spent his entire life in Yerevan: he has made up his mind to tell everyone about our capital city, about the people and events, without which it would be impossible to imagine Yerevan. This program will cover the full story of Yerevan, its past, its friends, the great figures of our nation and the entire society along with its past, the present and the future.
Every Sunday Hrant Tokhatyan will host those bright people of our city who have created the story of Armenians and Yerevan, in general, together with them recalling the brightest moments of the history of the capital city. The conversations will be held in a friendly atmosphere accompanied by maestro Martin Vardazaryan’s music, enriched with thematic videos and musical performances.
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