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Depi Evratesil

Starting from October 1st, First Channel viewers will be enabled to follow “Depi Evratesil” new music project. Each week the TV viewers will witness the competition process – a road that will take one of the artists to Eurovision.
Armenian delegates at Eurovision over the past years, who have already taken their Eurovision roads and know well enough how to be a success in Eurovision contest, will participate in the selection process of “Depi Evratesil” project and will guide the finalists. The jury is made up of 6 members - Iveta Mukuchyan, Aram MP3, Inga Arshakyan, Hayko, Anush Arshakyan and Essai Altounian.
The competition comprises 4 stages and will last over 3 months. The finalist will be determined as a result of sms votes and jury’s decision. The project winner will present Armenia at “Eurovision 2017.”
The project participants are Armenian artists from around the world.
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