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Shirak region First Instance Court has sentenced Russian servicemen Valeri Permyakov to life imprisonment, for murdering 7 members of Avetisyan family in Gyumri, on January 12, 2015.

The court found the indictments on all of the charges brought against Permyakov proved. Valeri Permaykov was convicted under Article104 part 2, points 1, 5, and 8 (murder of two or more people committed with cruelty, for mercenary motives, and combined with extortion, robbery or banditry.

Early in the morning on January 12, 2015 Valeri Permyakov armed with a rifle and a bayonet knife had broken into Avetisyan family, murdering 6 members of the family, a two-year-old child among them. Afterwards he stabbed a 6-month-old baby 5 times, which resulted in his death later, after 7 days treatment at hospital.

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Valeri Permyakov sentenced to life imprisonment

2016-08-23 15:08:00

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