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Late in the evening on April 25th, Yerevan, an accident occured resulting in tragic consequences. Two people died as a result of bus explosion on Halabyan Street. According to the latest data 8 of the passengers have been injured. The latest report from the Ministry of Emergency Situation reads “An alarm call was received at 21:51 p.m. April 25th, telling there has been an explosion of a bus near “Nig” café on the intersection of Halabyan-Arzumanyan streets. There are injured passengers and there is a need for rescuers”. An operative group of the National Center of Crisis Management, Special Rescue Team and two fire brigades arrived on the site, where an explosion on N63 Bogdan 4829 bus had occurred.

As of 4:20 a.m. April 26th, there are currently 8 wounded passengers, among them: Hasmik S. Melkonyan, born 1963, Anush A. Yeghikyan, born 1979, Harutyun N. Terzyan, born 1971, Edgar A. Gasparyan, born 2002, Anahit S. Mikayelyan, born 2001, Roland S. Khojayan, born 2001, Aregnaz S. Ghalechyan, born 1955, Arthur V. Margaryan, born 1994. The latter was taken to “The Research Center of Radiation Medicine and Burns”; the wounded passenger checked out after receiving relevant treatment. The remaining wounded passengers were taken to “Armenia” medical center. Edgar A. Gasparyan and Roland S. Khojayan are in critical condition, Anahit S. MIkayelyan is in a satisfactory condition, while the remaining passengers have medium wounds.

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Two people die as a result of bus explosion on Halabyan street

2016-04-26 13:48:00

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