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Adversary intense bombardments along the entire line of contact that started during the day on April 26th, continued overnight. Azerbaijani armed forces have used almost all of the artillery weapons at their disposal, including mortars, cannons and BM-21 multiple rocket launcher (Grad) targeting Kharabagh military posts and peaceful civilians for more than 550 times. There have been more intensive bombardments on the northeastern direction of the line of contact. Martakert, Nerkin Horatagh and other civilian settlements have also been bombarded.

As a result of the aggressive hostilities unleashed by the adversary, Defense Army serviceman Hayk S. Minasyan, born 1996, was mortally wounded.

Defense army advance guard took responsive countermeasures to suppress adversary attacks and by targeting the enemy have inflicted considerable loss of manpower and military equipment.

The situation on the line of contact of opposing forces is reported to be relatively calm at the moment.

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Martakert, Nerkin Horatagh and other civilian settlements have been bombarded

2016-04-27 17:05:00

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