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STEPANAKERT. - As of Monday, the Armenian side has suffered 20 casualties, another 26 being missing and 72 being wounded during the last four days of battles.

Head of the Karabakh Defense Army Operative Division, Colonel Vitali Arustamyan, said the aforementioned at the meeting with journalists in Stepanakert.

According to the colonel, two of the casualties are children, three of them being minors from among civilian population, as reported by Armenian News – special correspondent.

During the battles the Azerbaijani side suffered over 300 casualties, the number of the wounded is being ascertained.

“No Armenian settlement is under Azerbaijani control. Eight positions were lost. In the sections where the enemy managed to crash to the ground, the depth is 200-300 m, there being no settlements. This means that no Armenian settlement is under the enemy’s control,” the Colonel said.

On Monday the enemy went on to increased the types of weapons used, for the first time applying Russian TOS-1 "Solntsepyok", but it missed and wasn’t able to achieve its goals. The Azerbaijani side also tried to use “Kamikaze”drone, but Karabakh Air Defense managed to destroy it.

According to the Colonel, everything started in the early hours of Saturday, when infiltration attempts were made in the northern direction. During the first hours, 1350 shells were launched from “Grad”, this being unprecedented.

As to the military equipment, the Armenian side has lost only seven tanks. The Azerbaijani side has lost eighteen tanks, two helicopters, one item of engineering equipment, three infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), six drones and one BM-21 “Grad” launch vehicle.

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Defense Army: Armenia side has suffered 20 casualties, 26 being missing and 72 wounded

2016-04-04 23:24:00

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