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Over the night of May 16-17 on the line of contact of Karabagh-Azerbaijani opposing forces, adversary has violated the ceasefire agreement by firing various caliber weapons, infantry fighting vehicles, 60 mm mortars and automatic grenade launchers. There have been intense violations particularly in the southeastern direction, in Hadrut, and in the eastern direction, in Martuni.

Azerbaijani armed forces took destabilizing and provocative actions on the front-line in times, when a meeting is being conducted between the two presidents through the efforts of OSCE Minsk group co-chairs. Adversary actions resulted in the death of the 20-year –old serviceman Khachatur V. Harutyunyan, who was mortally wounded at 0:50 a.m. in one of Defense Army positions on the southern direction. An investigation is underway to clarify the details.

NKR Defense Ministry shares the grief of loss and extends its support to the family members of the deceased serviceman, his relatives and fellow soldiers. NKR Defense Ministry announces that Azerbaijani side bears full responsibility for the consequences resulted from the tension on the front-line.

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2016-05-17 19:13:00

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