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“The situation on the line of contact of Karabagh-Azerbaijani opposing forces remained the same throughout the night of April 14-15”. Adversary violated the ceasefire agreement for more than 60 times by firing along the entire length of the line of contact using weapons of various caliber, mortars and sniper rifles. The situation was particularly tense in the northern direction (Gyulistan) , northeastern (Talish-Martakert), eastern (Martuni) and southern (Hadrut) directions, where in addition to firing from different caliber weapons, adversary has also used 82mm(3 shells), 60 mm (12 shells) and AGS-17 grenade launchers (16 grenades).

Adversary violations of the recent days are gradually turning into incidents resulting in human losses: in the direction of Martuni at 23:20 on April 14th, Defense Army serviceman Manvel A. Grigoryan was mortally wounded.

Given the situation, Defense Army units conduct their military duty in accordance with the development of the situation and are confidently defending the borders of Artsakh. Azerbaijani side bears entire responsibility for the consequences of the front-line incidents.

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Adversary violations turn into incidents resulting in another victim

2016-04-15 16:35:00

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